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The word of the day: Blah.

I haven't really had much to write about so I guess I'm just posting for the heck of it.

As you can imagine, living in Virginia, all I get to hear about is Virginia Tech and the Cho character. It's on every local news channel, it's on every national news channel.

Frankly, I'm rather tired of it, and tired of sensationalist yellow journalism. This case just exemplifies the problem with media in our culture. What the hell was NBC thinking when they decided to air his tape. Don't they realize that's EXACTLY what he wanted them to do? So 31 people dead, Cho then offs himself, and yet gets the last laugh from the grave because NBC rushed right out and broadcast the material he wanted broadcast. Great job.

All this has done is open old wounds. I already hear rumblings of gun control and video game violence debate. Yay, just what we need. More talking heads, less quantative analysis. If Cho was institutionalized in 2005, the real question becomes: How come the VA State Police and the FBI BOTH rubber stamped his handgun application? I've gone through that process. I own a pretty nice .45 Springfield Colt M1911A1. I know, for a fact, that when you sign that paperwork, you give them complete access to your entire history, medical, personal and financial. How about we have an open discussion about the complete lack of security on most college campuses? While public K-12 schools have been ramping up security post-Columbine, anyone could go to a public University and stroll into just about any building on campus.

Instead, media pundits are going to blame guns and video games to get their ratings.
Think I'll keep the TV off and go back to playing Gears of War multiplayer.

OH NO, GEARS OF WAR. SO VIOLENT. And I have diagnosed mental illnesses! And I own guns! According to sensationalist media folk, I'm liable to go shoot up a school or a workplace!


May 2013

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